how to stop Hair loss

With the onset of winters in India, many men will witness an increase in hair loss in comparison with shredding over the last few months. Seasonal hair loss is natural and happens in the months of October, November, December and January especially in the northern belts.

Main Reason For Hair Loss

One of the reasons for such hair loss is to grow a thicker head of hair to keep us warm. Another reason is during summers the sweating and excessive heat which causes hair loss a number of months later. While this is a natural process, if you notice patches of thinner hair and lesser hair growth then this is a sign of onset of male pattern baldness.

How To Stop Hair Loss ?

While seasonal hair loss requires no treatment but sometimes male pattern hair loss will only worsen if not treated timely. The optimal treatment of male pattern hair loss involves a variety of methods and multiple therapeutic hair growth treatments and Hairwits achieves this by bringing together research based hair growth solutions. If you are really finding how to stop hair loss you must see the list hair loss products.

Hair Loss Remedies

Here is a list of things you can do this winter season to prevent scanty hair fall:

  • Hair Loss Remedies#1 : Regular wash with mild shampooKeeping hair scalp clean with mild shampoo prevents the risk of infection and dandruff that causes breakage or loss.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#2 : Essential VitaminsIntake of Vitamin A encourages healthy production of sebum while Vitamin E betters blood circulation in the scalp and for a healthy color Vitamin B is of great help.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#3 : Protein Rich Diet –Lean meats, fish, soy and egg promotes hair health.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#4 :Avoid Wet Hair Brushing –When wet, hair is at its weakest state so its avoidable.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#5 :Green Tea for Good Hair –Researchers has shown that rubbing green tea into hair curb hair loss issues and strengthens hair color.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#6 :Avoid Smoking –Reduces blood flow into scalp and this invariably causes reduction in hair growth.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#7 :Physical Fitness- Make time for exercise every day. It reduces stress levels and restores hormonal balance.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#8 :Hair Oil Massage- Massaging your hair should be your first step if you want to stop hair loss.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#9 :Caffeine - Caffeine stimulates hair shafts and helps them to grow faster.
  • Hair Loss Remedies#10 :Super Seeds - Flax, Chia etc seeds are rich in fiber and healthy fats that are very important in hair growth process.


Alongside these hair loss remedies, Hairwits effective hair growth Products such as Hair Building Fibers, Handheld laser comb, At Home treatment Programme, Shampoo, Conditioner, Serums and Hairwits hair growth supplements can be added with the objective of boosting hair regrowth and maintaining healthy and vibrant hair.

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