With the changing seasons comes to this evergreen wish called #hairmakeover. We love changing our hairstyles, don’t we? Especially teenagers who idolise stars like Victoria Beckham for her asymmetrical bob cut or Kylie Jenner who keeps flaunting her coloured tresses. I think all of us would love to experiment with our looks this season with vibrant, poppy hair colours which are the current ‘flavour of the season’. Hair extensions are one of the best options to give your hair a new look every week. A fashionista at heart? Make every day a #newhairday!

Below are the styles that are trending this season and highly recommended by Hairwits hair experts: -

1. Voluminous hair – Fly back in time and get that 1950’s Rock & Roll look by adding volume to your hair with Hair Extension by Hairwits overnight! It is a super fun and hippie style that got a lot of attention during the fashion week season this year.

2. Pop of colour – spring summer 2017 is all about vibrant colours. We see Kylie Jenner going parrot green and then suddenly blonde overnight. Follow your favourite celebrity’s style and up your fashion game by using one of the many options available with Hairwits.

3. Extra Long – Super Long, straight and shiny hair were a big hit on the runway too this year. You can elongate your tresses by using the super smooth natural Hairwits extension and get that ultra-chic look right away.

4. Plaits and braids – Boxer braids, French or double plaits are in rage these days.  A lot of us crave for such hairstyles but due to lack of hair length, we are not able to try them! A Hair Extension is just the solution you need!

5. Buns on the runs – Buns are evergreen! A messy bun or a sleek chignon, buns can never go out of fashion. However, one does need ‘length’ for all that twisting and turning and what better way to get it than a Hair Extension!

Hair extensions are super safe (they cause zero damage to your natural hair) and give you never-before options to look like a diva! So, skip the chemicals torture at the salon and give your beloved hair the pampering it truly craves: A magical Hair Extension with the Extension specialists in town – Hairwits.com “The largest collection of Hair Extensions in India”


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