Ombre (the term ‘Ombre’ is of French origins, denoting ‘shaded’) Hair Extensions are all about creating soft, natural-looking highlights where the shades flow gently into each other, without stark contrasts or disruptive solid hues. The colour effect is generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp. An Ombre Hair Extension works equally well across a wide variety of hair colour, texture and length. And no, it’s not a passing fad: Going by the growing popularity of Ombre, the trend is firmly here to stay.

Ombre Hair Extensions

So what are the reasons an Ombre Hair Extension is considered both different, and special? There are quite a few, really. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Ombre is quirky, fun, chick

Solid hair shades are great, but hey, who doesn’t like change? It’s super great to be able to chop & mix things up every now and then, and an Ombre Hair Extension lets you do exactly that. Whether you take the subtle route by playing within the same colour range (light brown to dark brown, for instance) to try something more adventurous (brown to blond, for example), the results are bound to make you smile.

Ombre gets the eyeballs

Once you get the interplay and combinations of shades right, an Ombre Hair Extension can give your hair never-before dynamism, depth and personality. No matter what the ‘Hair-do’ you opt for, Ombre colour transitions can make your crown look magical. And unmissable, in a crowd.

Ombre can multi-task

When it comes to colours, that is. That’s right - Ombre Hair Extensions are versatile colour-wise, which gives you unmatched freedom to try on different styles and shades to gel with the occasion.

Ombre blends right in

If you have dark hair, an Ombre Hair Extension is your best bet for achieving a natural appearance. The dark roots of Ombre blend seamlessly with your own, so you don’t have to fret about letting your natural hues ‘peeking through’.

Ombre is versatile

Whether you have short, medium length or long hair, an Ombre Hair Extension will work for you. What’s more, it lets you unleash your creative side and accentuate your best features, by matching the highlights to your eye color, the shape of your face and your wardrobe.   

Ombre is pocket-friendly

For one thing, an Ombre Hair Extension can work out considerably more economical than a traditional hair dying and touching-up session. Secondly, they are low maintenance, and therefore essentially a one-time investment – not a recurring costs (unlike, say, when have dark hair and go for a light colour, and have to constantly colour up the darker roots that keep out-growing). All of this adds up to substantial savings for you, especially over the long run.

Ombre is safe

An Ombre Hair Extension does away with the semi-permanent or permanent dyes that can damage your hair.

Ombre is zero-commitment  

It’s easy to switch back to your original colour after an Ombre Hair Extension – you don’t have to wait endlessly for months.

Ombre is forever.
While most colour treatments (that are applied directly to the hair) ultimately lose their lustre and fade away, Ombre hair extensions are created through a special dying process that makes them durable and really long lasting.

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