Hairwits ultimate guide to hair types and extensions best suited to them

 Hair type and extensions

Human hair comes in all types of textures and patterns. By this we mean the amount of curls and thickness each hair type has. Also, some people tend to have more than one type of hair. Knowing your hair can be fruitful in determining the type of hair products to be used and of course the type of hair extensions best suited to your hair texture. Here is the only blog you will read about hair types and extensions best suited to them:

Type 1 Hair > Tape in Extensions

Resilient, silky and soft, this hair type has no curls and is gifted with natural straight texture. It doesn’t change much however its thickness varies from person to person.

Tape-in extensions are the best possible hair extensions for straight hair.  Not only they are least expensive they take less than an hour to be applied.

Type 2 Hair> Curly Clip in Extensions

Naturally, wavy hair forms the type 2 hair. Typically sticking close to the head type 2 hair forms the shape of an S.  Hair doesn’t poof or bound up.

Curly clip in extensions holds up flawlessly and gives you a classy look.

Type 3 Hair> Tape in Extensions

Hair that forms ringlets is categorized as Type 3, and is often silky in nature. Closely packed together such hair is highly textured. 

Finding hair extensions for such hair type is hard and can be a daunting task. Even you may try Tape in Hair Extensions. The best way is to straighten the hair to match your existing hair extensions.

Type 4 Hair> Curly Hair Extensions

Tightly curled and coiled hair is the type 4 hair. The major difference between type 3 and type 4 hair maintains its shape even when wet. Perfectly cylindrical curls define type 4 hair.

Whether you need extra length or a formal up do, curly hair extensions offer you tons of options.

At the end of the day, to know your hair type it is important to not use unnecessary chemicals or dyes which change the texture and natural hair color. Try Hairwits Coloured Hair Extensions.

If you are confused about your hair type and what extensions would suit you the best, we are happy to help you at Hairwits

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