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When it comes to a wedding, every bride wants drop-dead-gorgeous hair “If I could have just one wish, I would hope for long and luscious hair before my wedding day”. How many brides make the same wish before going to bed during the pre-wedding weeks? Most brides spend a lot of time on growing their hair before the wedding day - while a most recent trend is to add curly hair extensions instead. However a lot of soon-to-be-brides mistake hair extensions as just a tool to add that extra length. Contrary to this belief real hair extensions not only add oomph but also tot up your hair thickness to a great extent (not to mention brining you hair alive with magical color highlights). It is often a misconception that natural long hair will always look good as a lot of brides have thin hair texture. As they say, length is no substitute for good thick hair. In a quest to have perfect wedding day hair, it is advisable to try out human hair extensions from one of the leading brands, Hairwits ( ).

Extending hair beauty is just 7 pieces away with Hairwits 7 Piece online Hair Extension that not only add length, thickness and color to your hair - but blesses thin hair with the much-needed bounce. Like the name suggests, a 7 piece coloured hair extension is a set of 7 piece wonders that add extra length, volume and sheen. The cost of  hair extension is affordable. But before you get swayed by Hairwits human hair extensions, brush up on some Do’s and Don’ts of hair extensions:

Do's Vs Don'ts

ü  Make sure you wash the extensions thoroughly before your wedding to make them look irresistible.


×        Avoid over-doing the extensions as it may look unnatural.


ü  Always go for a reputed and trusted brand to avoid damaging your hair with inferior products.


×        Don’t clip the hair extensions too close to your hairline as it may slip out and become very uncomfortable.


ü  Do schedule an appointment with an experienced hair stylist to make sure your extensions remain undetected.


×        Don’t try hair color that’s altogether different from your natural hair color (although you can certainly experiment within boundaries)


ü  Use protective hair care products from Hairwits to maintain your extensions shine and texture.


×        Don’t brush your hair carelessly - Be gentle to avoid breakage.

On your joyful wedding day, all is permitted that pleases. Now that we are heading into a new wedding season, it’s time for Hairwits' new hair extensions.

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