We always wonder how celebrities change their ‘look’ overnight. We see them with a short bob cut during an event and suddenly, they’re flaunting their long tresses during a red carpet gala next week. How do they do this? Well the cat is out of the bag now - it is nothing but the magic of Hair Extensions! Hair extensions are so versatile; it helps you change as well as up your hair game within hours. Hair extensions are extensively used by celebrities - below are some who love using them: -


1.Selena Gomez

The pop singer is an ardent fan of hair extensions. She naturally has a short haircut but when you catch her flaunting those long tresses at various red carpet events – rest assured it’s her Hair Extensions!



2. Kylie Jenner

We all know Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister, as a great business woman in the world of cosmetics. But more than that she is known for her lip job and her ever changing hairstyles. From a black mane to a platinum blond bob - she loves sporting various hairstyles and all of this is possible only because of hair extensions.


3. Ariana Grande

Ariana loves high sleek ponytails, and recently, the pop singer was seen in a sleek, straight, shiny ponytail that was touching her thighs. Now we know how she pulled off that miracle – Yes, hair extensions, what else?


4. Chrissy Teigen

She is one of the most honest and humorous celebrities. She did not shy away from telling the world on Instagram about the secret behind her voluminous hair. The secret was obviously hair extensions and now, we’ve fallen in love with them, too!



5. Jennifer Lopez

She is usually spotted with brown voluminous wavy hair or curls. But we have seen her sporting long, smooth and shiny hair during her recent red carpet appearances. By now we all know the secret behind this overnight growth in length! Hair extensions, of course!


6. Kim Kardashian

A beauty and fashion list is incomplete without a mention of Kim Kardashian.  When it comes to the hair game, Kim Kardashian West always wins. We see her sporting short hair length styles one day and Rapunzel-like long and shiny glossy hair the next. If she isn’t the queen of Hair Extensions, we don’t know who is!




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