Losing your hair - especially when you are young - can adversely affect  your confidence. There are often emotional trials attached with hair loss. Known medically as Alopecia, hair loss is a common experience shared by both men and women. “On your toes” being the current lifestyle mantra, high anxiety and stress levels contribute to excessive hair loss. According to a research backed report, 20 percent of Indian women – and 40 percent of men - experience the same by the age of 35. Once you notice you are losing more hair than normal, the first question that strikes your mind is, what if the hair loss is permanent!

Hair Loss Products

If you are somebody who is experiencing a string of hair loss - you might be suffering from a serious situation. However, don’t worry. Hair loss or hair fall is not a permanent condition, and with the advancement of technology, various treatments and hair loss treatment products are available in the market. But which of these products really work? To help answer your questions, we at Hairwits have put together a list of  best hair loss treatment products that are backed by research and are clinically tried and tested.

  1. Hair Building Fibers – Hair building fibers are ideal for covering up bald spots and thinning hair. These fibers are resistant to air and are statically charged. They work for all hair type and textures and can instantly eliminate the appearance of hair loss in both men and women. For  thick and  bouncy hair, go for hair building fibers now: https://www.hairwits.com/hair-loss/hair-building-fibers
  2. HANDHELD LASER COMB – Losing Hair? Just glide a Laser Brush over your scalp and see its amazing benefits. Hairwits Low Level Light Devices (LLLD) works on the principle of transfer of energy to the hair through light and has been a clinically proven method to increase the growth of hair. Regrow your hair with a range of Hairwits hair care portable  brushes: https://www.hairwits.com/hair-loss/handheld-laser-comb
  3. Home Treatment Programs – Hair loss being a common problem in man and woman these days, lack of knowledge about the ways we can treat it at home is also common. We at Hairwits have combined the best hair loss treatment at home options into different and accessible packages to choose from. These products are a combination of supplements and lotions to give the best results at reasonable costs. Learn more: https://www.hairwits.com/hair-loss/hair-loss-at-home-treatment-programs.html
  4. Supplements – It is a known fact that Nutrition plays a vital role in determining the health of your hair. Treat hair loss procedure naturally by nourishing your system with more supplements, vitamins and minerals. Boost your nutrition with Hairwits supplements specially formulated to boost hair growth. Explore now: https://www.hairwits.com/hair-loss/supplements.html
  5. Shampoos, Serums and Conditioners – shampoo is best hair loss treatment solution. Shampoos that contain natural ingredients work well for everyone. One should avoid extensive use of chemically induced shampoos which can affect the scalp adversely and hasten hair fall. Conversely, treating the scalp with tropical solutions like hair serums can help soften the hair and add the much needed shine. The hair needs nourishment in order to grow shiny, strong and healthy. A good hair conditioner can put all these to rest and make hair tangle free, softer and manageable. Discover more: https://www.hairwits.com/hair-loss/shampoos.html

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